I’ve decided to let all of you know who I am once this blog hits 1,000 followers. 

Currently we’re at xxx.

I’ll give weekly hints on who I am.

Hint 1: I have different cheer blog other than this one

our submissions are empty! 

submit stuff! anything! 

Anonymous said: I think you should change your layout. I want to reblog a picture, but I can't click on it because there are other things on top of it! Like, instead of having two different columns, they just pile on top of each other. It's weird! But, I love your blog, I just wish I could actually reblog some of it!

I said:

I’ll see what i can do :)

Sorry that’s happening. :(

Is this happening for anybody else? :(

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This is Eve, she is 14, and On First Class Athletics

She is a Flyer/base

She is my amazing flyer! She is so sweet and funny :) and gorgeous! 



Uniforms 😍😍

these are sooo cute!!
Hi! in submitting myself because… well.. I’m bored lol. I’m Camille! I’m a former all star cheerleader (of 5 years) and a current high school cheerleaders (first year) I’m a junior in high school and I plan on cheering at a college. Preferrably University of Hawaii (: I have my full standing & I’m working on running

Submit yourself, your coach, your friend, your team, and/or your family!

High school - All Star - Pop Warner - Middle School - Anything

We need submissions! 


You all are the best

Add where you cheer or plan to cheer next season and url. Lets see who cheers together :D
  • Wake Forest All Stars: justcheerforit
  • All Star Legacy: shscheerleader
  • Stingray Allstars: the-cheer-nation , cheetahbows-darkdarktans
  • Cheer Extreme Allstars: bigjumps-biggerstunts , 100percentcheer
  • Fame Allstars: cheer-blood
  • CheerSport Sharks: bow-to-the-teal
  • JuST cheer allstars: cheer-lifestyle
  • Titans: fiercecanadiancheer
  • Funtastics Flyers: leaveit-onthemat, undiscovered-cheerleader-s (next year)
  • Pro Athletics: the-cheer-life




because they’re cats. 

the cat deserves to be more known. reblog to get the word out about mr. cheer cat. his poses are fierce